The company was established in 2014 AD with the objective of replacing high-risk, illegally imported chicks from India. Our vison is to effectively serve our business associates and the society while also generating wealth for the society and stakeholders in the process. We were established with a vision to being a responsible business entity that provides positive financial and social returns to communities we operate in. As a part of this journey, we have been able to give employment to over 80 people on full-time and part-time basis.

Sensing little opportunity in Nepal at the time to harness his education, Mr. Poudyal, was amongst the first to take advantage of opening of foreign employment opportunities in Nepal and went to Dubai, UAE for work. After spending more than a decade in the gulf, he decided to use his experience, expertise and hard-earned capital in Nepal to establish Kantipur Poultry Breeding Farm Private Limited in partnership with Mr. Rishi Badal. We have been able to leverage this vast experience of our founders to provide invaluable market insights to our clients.