About Us

We are a poultry hatchery that has its headquarters in Balkumari, Lalitpur and its operational base in Nijgad, Bara of Nepal. We primarily supply chicks to farmers across Nepal and sometimes export to India. We specialize in the production and supply of Cobb 500 broiler chicks. This breed is robust and has the capacity to reach slaughter weight within four to seven weeks. 

Our Commitment

At Kantipur Poultry Breeding Farm Private Limited, we provided you with world-class quality Broiler Chicks that have been hatched using state of the art technology. Our team of experienced professionals will assist you in every possible way starting from the production phase right until your product reaches the market. We use the latest technology and trends in poultry control environment thus ensuring, robust, disease resistant chickens. We are upfront about the quality and the technical support we provide to our customers and about career growth opportunities, challenges, and support to our employees. We want to constantly optimize themselves achieve the best possible outcome for our customers, suppliers’ employees and society.


Kantipur Poultry puts a big emphasis on the quality of the chicks they supply. We have a well-trained and a motivated workforce who are always happy to address the needs of our customers. We use the most advanced technologies in poultry environment control . For us quality means robust chicks that are hatched in a disease-free environment and have the capacity to reach slaughter weight within four to seven weeks.


With the management having a vast experience in the poultry sector, we have built an extensive network with various stakeholders including but not limited to suppliers, distributors, farmers, and other trading partners. We use this vast array of experience to support our clients to help them achieve higher production, better access to consumer markets and a network of vets, medicines and other support systems.

Market Intelligence

We use our vast experience, expertise, and connections to analyze and understand the market and uses this information to support their customers by sharing the information with them, helping create and meet realistic but ambitious sales quotas.  We help you understand industry best practices and advices on how to reach those standards.